Christmas time in Graz

Graz offers a lot of nice decorated places during Christmas time and more than 10 market places, where you can buy craftsmanship, mulled wine and sweets which taste of apple, cinnemon and vanilla. And one of the best things is,  everything is within walking distance. So you can enjoy a lot of mulled wine Lächelnd

Traditional Christmas market in the Franziskanerviertel

The Christmas market in the Franziskanerviertel is the oldest one in Graz. In my opinion it's also the nicest one. Near the Franziskaner church you find several booths which offer styrian handicraft and farm-produced specialities. Additionally my friends and I think, that in this quarter you get the best mulled wine of the city. You even see the credentials for it (often Schilcher wine, orange juice, cinnemon, and so on) and this quality shines through with every taste. So take care - this station could be the last one of your walk through the city Zwinkernd

Christmas market in front of the town hall

In my opinion this place offers two special highlights - first the town hall. After sunset it will be changed into a huge Advent calendar. And the second highlight is the huge amount of small houses which form a Christmas village in the centre of Graz. Although a lot of booths offer mulled wine, I would recommend go to the Franziskanerviertel which is just 5 minutes away and offer much better drinks.

Due to the central position and its great offers I recommend to visit this place in the afternoon or early evening. Later it gets really crowed there and sometimes it is not very comfortable there anymore.

The ice nativity scene

Another amazing highlight is the ice nativity scene in the Landhaus courtyard. Gert J. Hödl created this work of art with 50 tons of crystal-clear ice. The best time to visit it, is one of the first days in December. In Graz it can be warm even in December and this can melt the ice nativity scene quite fast.

Crafts from all over the world on Tummelplatz

On Tummelplatz you find an "alternative" Christmas market. You can buy exotic incense sticks, colorful caps and gloves and wood-crafted artworks from all over the world. This market is different in comparison to the other traditional markets in a positiv way and you get high-quality gifts for your friends even one day before Christmas.

Christmas markets on Glockenspiel- and Mehlplatz

The race for the most impressive Christmas market between the Glockenspiel- and Mehlplatz and the Franziskaner quarter is going to be neck and neck. Surrounded by historic buildings you find best quality wines, fruity cider as well as home-made mulled wine, punch and delicious, sugar-flamed punch, also called "Feuerzangenbowle". On the Mehlplatz crafts and jewelry are offered.

When it is snowing, these two lovely places are turning into silent and christmassy places and you will forget, that you are in the middle of a city with 260.000 citizen or that you even have to buy Christmas gifts.

Most of the Christmas markets in Graz open until the 23rd or 24th of December. You find further information about these and other Christmas markets in Graz and their opening hours on

I really invite everyone to spend some time in the old town of Graz during Christmas time. Beside the hotspots there are a lot of calm and impressiv places for getting into the right mood for Christmas.

Have you ever been to Graz (in Christmas time)? What were your highlights and your favourite mulled wine?

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