Baumgartenberg is the town, where I grew up. It is situated in the Machland between Grein and Perg. Despite its size (it has about 1700 citizens) it is quite popular because Baumgartenberg is on the Danube Cycle Path and many people have spent some nights in one of the Bed & Breakfasts.

Collegiate church Baumgartenberg

The most impressive building in Baumgartenberg is the collegiate church. It was founded in 1141 by Otto von Machland and his wife Jutta von Peilstein, who was the grandchild of Leopold II and the sister of bishop Reginbert from Passau. Today it hosts a school for home economics and a high school.

You get a very special view over the church if you go up the Schöllerberg. This walk takes about 20 minutes and you have a great view over Baumgartenberg and the surrounding area.

Roadhouses and accomodations

If you are hungry, it's worth visiting Gasthaus Rechberger or the Cafe Andrea. Both of them are more or less in the center of Baumgartenberg and offer traditional food and drinks.

The Gästehaus Lettner on the Mühlberg or the Gästehaus Fam. Zickerhofer offer rooms for staying overnight. If you visit a concert in Klam, I would prefer the Gästehaus Lettner, it is just about 20 minutes away from the concert area.

Für eine Einkehr zur Rast bieten sich im Ort das Gasthaus Rechberger, der Gasthof am Postberg und das Cafe Andrea. Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten findest du im Gästehaus Lettner am Mühlberg (leicht zu erreichen bei Konzerten am Fuße der Burg Clam) und im Gästehaus Fam. Zickerhofer, das sich vorallem auch für Radtouristen am Donauradweg anbietet.


A big change in Baumgartenberg happended in the late 1990ties and in the first decade of the 21st century. Due to many floodwaters most of the citizens of Mettensdorf and Pizing (parts of Baumgartenberg in the south) moved away and their houses and farms were removed. Furthermore a long dam was built to safe the town in the future.
Below you see some pictures of Mettensdorf before and during this change.

Further information

You find futher information about Baumgartenberg on Albert Kern created a huge collection of video clips and pictures about anniversaries, natural phenomenons, remarkable football games and other interesting events on

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